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Top 5 Free Vue Dashboards & Framework Comparison

There are lots of other frameworks in the market that people often prefer. But Vuejs framework is different and a rising star. Since it started, there are different frameworks available within Vue and they are amazing. We are going to compare them, so you can choose the best. Also, we are going to see the Top 5 Free Vue Dashboards after that.

Vue Framework Comparison Features Vuetifty Bootstrap Vue Buefy Element UI Full Accessibility and Section 508 support ✔ ✔ ✔ Server Side Rendering support ✔ Release cadence** Weekly Bi-Weekly Bi-Monthly Bi-Weekly Treeshaking Automatic Manual Manual Manual RTL support ✔ ✔ ✔ Themes & Templates ✔ ✔ Github stars 27.7k 12.2k 8k 47.4k **Based on average of all Major/Minor/Patch releases over the last 12 months. Free Vue Dashboards Vue Dashboard is one of the most demanded templates among buyers. It’s just because there are a lot of customization options available. However, to use Vue templates you need to learn some basic coding skills.

If you are worried about coding then keep calm because the template is pretty straightforward and uses the Vue router for navigation links.

MaterialPro Free Vuetify Dashboard Lite MaterialPro Free Vuetify Dashboard You can make a clean and amazing interface for your web applications or you can say products by using this free Vue dashboard MaterialPro Vuejs dashboard Lite. It comes with Google’s material-based design and some incredible components.

It makes your life simple and easy when you create a project. There are plenty of amazing page templates which can help you in creating new pages.

Live Preview Download Architect UI Architect UI Architect UI is powered by the @Vue/CLI version 3.4.1. Bootstrap 4 is implemented on Vue and contains almost 15 handpicked Vue widgets. Its components are perfectly integrated with each other to create a common design language.

If you want to use Vue admin then you need to know some basic coding skills. If you are worried about coding then worry not because it has some straightforward coding and a Vue router for navigation links.

Live Preview Download Listmonk Listmonk Listmonk is a self-hosted, standalone, newsletter, and mailing list manager. It is packed into a single binary, featured rich and very fast. To store data listmonk uses PostgreSQL Database.

Download Vuetify Admin Dashboard dash Vuex and Vuetify both are used in building up of Vuetify Admin Dashboard. Vuetify and Vues can help you to get started if you want to develop your dashboards immediately.

Vuetify dashboards are very simple and easy to use however you need a little knowledge of Vue, Vue-Router, and Javascript to use them.

Download Xtreme Vue Admin Dashboard Lite Xtreme Free Vue Admin Dashboard Template Xtreme Vuesax Admin Lite is easy to use and powerful VueJs admin dashboard template based on Vue CLI, Vuex & Vuesax component framework.

If you are looking to build a backend admin panel for yourself or your client’s project, Xtreme Vuesax Admin Lite is a perfect choice. It comes easy to use features and it is highly customizable. You can create nice-looking applications or products using our Free Vuejs Template.

Live Preview Download AdminPro Vue3 + Vuetify Dashboard

AdminPro Vuetify 3 Dashboard is a strong and shocking administrator dashboard format in light of Vuetify Vue3 js System + Vite with Piece Programming interface. Google’s Material Design Concept serves as its foundation. Based on the Vue framework, AdminPro Vuetify 3 is a highly customizable and adaptable admin template. It aids in the creation of a visually appealing admin panel for your web application in vue. Because it is a multipurpose admin panel, AdminPro Vue Dashboard is ideal for developing CRM, HRMS, SaaS apps, school management systems, hospital management systems, and so on. During the creation of the design for AdminPro, the design team spent a lot of time researching what might be the most user-friendly.

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